Membership to the Finish Your Thesis Academy is Opening Soon!

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Membership in the Academy will offer a higher level of accountability, structure, networking opportunities with other members, access to guest lectures and premium content on professional development for PhDs.

The purpose of this survey is to find out what would be most beneficial for you if you decided to become a Founding Member of the Academy, and there is no obligation to join. You will receive all the information about our Membership over email when we open.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Which course(s) from the FYT Academy have you taken, and what have you found most valuable?

What are the day-to-day frustrations that you face when it comes to your thesis?

If you decided to become a Founding Member, how could we help you to implement better what you learned in our course(s)?

Is there anything related to thesis writing or publishing that you feel was missing from our course(s), that we could include as part of the Membership?

What are the biggest challenges you face when you think about your career after graduate school?

If we had guest speakers about career development for PhD's, what questions would you ask them?

What would excite you the most about becoming a Founding Member of the Finish Your Thesis Academy?

We ask for your contact information in case we need to follow up with you to clarify the information above.

Email: (optional, and highly appreciated)


Thank you very much for your time and feedback and we will send you more information soon!